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Optic Gallery always seeks providing the very best and the latest eyewear collection which has high quality and outstanding service with a trusted name in the optics world. Optic Gallery has Ten branches inside of Cairo city , 6th October city and New Cairo city.


The management of this group is Mr./Abdul Halim Salama with assist of a large group of specialists graduates of institute of optics and trained as high levels.


Our company has a special laboratory for installation and processing all types of prescription lenses and solar through machines which is working by computer: brand NIKED (Japanese) & BRIOT (French).


Optic Gallery has a full stock of prescription lenses and plastic solar glass. also the MULTI - COATED lenses for computer users and night driving.


We are using the below brands of plastic and lenses glasses :
- COARNING glass (French).
- ESSILOR plastic (French).
- HOYA plastic (Japanese).
- ZEISS (German).


Optic Gallery has machines for (Visa card- Master cared – Premium card) to ease dealing with our dear customers.


Abdul Halim Salama



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