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-We are dealing with the majority of insurance companies in Egypt "medical insurance" to provide all "glasses &solar" for example:


*Misr insurance company

*Operation company for health care

*Care & Cure company

*Alpha Care company

*City Care

*Almasriya for medical service company (egy made)

*Uni Care company

*Alatbaa almotdamenon company

*Safe Health Care

*Care Plus company

*High Care

*Alestsharion company for medical care.


*Interhealth Egypt company


*Prime Health for medical services

-We are also dealring with the majority of oil companies in Egypt to provide all the medical,solar and protection glasses to their employees for example:

*Rashid's petroleum company

*Eish Elmalaha company for petroleum

*Arabia company for oil

*Alfanar petoleum company



Incase of willingness to conclude new contracts please contact :

1-Mr. Abdul Halim Salama (Chairman) MOB: 010- 21 81 992 & MOB: 012- 21 81 992

2-Mr. Ahmed Abdul Halim Salama (Marketing manager) MOB: 010- 122 171 111



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